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Innovation Forum Day 3 Schedule

February 15, 2012

11:30am-1:00pm On the Ceiling Exhibition Viewing @ North Creek Events Center

On the Ceiling is an exhibition of student work created as a visual response project, inspired by the novel Au Plafond (On the Ceiling) by Eric Chevillard.  The images will be on display throughout the Innovation Forum week.

12:00pm-1:30pm TIC Talk Series: Innovative Approaches to Geographic Information Science @Rose Room

Innovative Approaches to Geographic Information Science (GISc) features brief research presentations by Prof. Jin-Kyu Jung and Prof. Santiago Lopez, followed by a panel discussion on the emerging field of Geographic Information Science (GISc).

Light refreshments included.

1:30pm-3:00pm 22 Ways to be More Sustainable @ UW2-305

The Sustainability Organization at UWB is proud to present Sabrina Combs, Joy Johnston, and Janet Gear from the city of Bothell who will be giving a presentation on “22 Easy Ways To Be More Sustainable”. This presentations is based on a program developed by the Mercer Island Green Ribbon Commission to promote easy steps we can all take to live well without having a big impact. After the presentation the Sustainability Organization and guest speakers will have a tabling event featuring specific ways to be more sustainable with green giveaways.

Light refreshments included.

4:00pm-5:30pm Zines: Alternative Knowledge and Media Production in the Academy @ the Truly House

Ari Roy and Heath Davis will discuss their experience using zines as an alternative and supplement to traditional written papers in an academic setting. In addition, they will also talk about their zine work and its links to possibilities for civic engagement outside of the academy. Nora Mukaihata, archives and library manager with Zine Archives and Publishing Project (ZAPP) in Seattle, will provide a community organization perspective and talk about ZAPP as a cultural site and highlight some of the work they have done.

Light refreshments included.

6:00pm-7:00pm Representation of the Marginal in Bollywood and its “Others” @ North Creek Events Center

Presentation by Prof. Alka Kurian on how Bollywood movies have contributed to a critique of right-wing activities in India but at the risk of needlessly over-simplifying a complex problem, raising larger issues of the responsibility of media in general.

Light refreshments included.

7:30pm-10:00pm Bollywood Movie Night: “Delhi Belly” @ North Creek Events Center

Bollywood movie night for students and the UW Bothell community, sponsored by the UW Bothell Alumni Council.

Delhi Belly (2011): Three young and somewhat clueless flatmates get involved in the shady and dangerous business belonging to one roomie’s fiancee. Each buddy manages to make things worse until they discover that a global crime syndicate is gunning for them.

Pizza, popcorn, and candy will be provided.

Check out the full Innovation Forum schedule here!

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