About the Forum

UW Bothell Innovation Forum

Exploring Innovation and Creativity

The UW Bothell has become an intellectual hub for the surrounding region.  The Chancellor and Advisory Board would like to draw attention to that fact by hosting a Forum on creativity and innovation consisting of a series of activities, workshops, presentations, and performances.

Save the dates: February 13-16, 2012!

The choice of creativity and innovation as the first theme was made by the Chancellor and the Advisory Board (which is providing support for the first year) in order to explore what is emerging as one of the key attributes of our identity as a campus.  The Innovation Forum will be widely publicized, with some activities taking place earlier in the year to build momentum toward the festivities in February.

The Innovation Forum will be an opportunity for community members, faculty, staff, and students to experience, and contribute to, the buzz of intellectual, artistic, and entrepreneurial  projects outside the normal constraints of our institutional life.

What kinds of questions surrounding creativity and innovation  have you pondered over the years that you would like to play with and that would also be of interest to a wider community?  What do neuroscience, nanotechnology, gaming, the visual or performing arts, robotics, organizational theory, genomics, evolutionary biology, or cultural studies say about innovation?  What is the relationship between the micro-innovations we all make each day and the institutionalization of innovation? How do universities both encourage and discourage innovation?

This blog will open a discussion on issues relating to innovation that are of interest to the campus community.

-Professor Alan Wood

Dr. Wood is a professor of History at the University of Washington Bothell in its Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences program and the current Director of the UW Bothell Innovation Forum.

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